How To Escape From Duck Tape


While I certainly always prefer to be positive, I do know there are surely hard points of time in life when I will really have no choice but to plunge into “survival mode”.  And like so many others, I also know just how very important it is to always be prepared in the event of an emergency or some other type of “sticky” situation.

Whether you are trying to practice being prepared for a hurricane or understanding the tricks to survival tactics in the woods, I am admittedly always on the lookout for cool tips or tricks that I could find useful in the event of a serious emergency.

Now when I saw this cool hack that has promised to help someone escape from the constraints of duct-taped hands, I was skeptical at first. Can it really be all that simple?

This awesome exclusive video answers  most of the question. After all, it is simple and I rally had no idea that this was really how to make an escape from duct tape. And while I certainly hope that I never have to utilize this info myself, I am really so glad that I know now about this!


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